Babysitting Coops in Denver

City Park Co-op
Accepting New Members 1 Member 80205
There are lots of us moms around or near City Park, both east and west, north and south. Let's get together to avoid the silly expensive cost of sitters and rely on each other for fun with the kids... and some time to run a personal errand or two ... More »
City Park Moms
Accepting New Members 1 Member 80205
Welcome City Park Mommas! Please sign up if you'd like to join the childcare co-op. It's quick and easy. Enjoy meeting other families in the hood, as well as getting away for some time to yourself! More »
DU/Wash Park
Accepting New Members 2 Members 80210
This coop is for families in the DU/Wash Park area in South Denver. Once we have a few members, we can try to do a family get-together when it's convenient for everyone. More »
Accepting New Members 10 Members 80214
Just some people in Edgewater, CO, trying to help each other out. It takes a village, people! More »
My Nana
Accepting New Members 1 Member 80215
We currently live in Lakewood. We moved from Phoenix 8 years ago. We have two little angels Inez and Roque. We find it very difficult to have our date nights or to find someone to watch our little ones a couple of hours a week to run errands or just ... More »
Accepting New Members 1 Member 80219
Wanted to start something in our neighborhood for babysit trading. Time and money can make it super difficult to get out sometimes. More »
Harvey Park Kids
Accepting New Members 5 Members 80219
A group for moms to support moms by offering safe child care options in our neighborhood. More »
Lowry Co-op
Accepting New Members 1 Member 80220
Hi, we are currently a family of 3 and a dog in the Lowry area looking to trade babysitting for date nights with other families in the area. If you live close by, please contact me via email or phone and let's see if we can work something out ... More »
Southeast Denver Babysitting Coop
Accepting New Members 5 Members 80224
I have 2 girls, age 3 and 2, my 3 year old goes to pre-school part time. I'm an artist and an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. The group is open to honest, loving, fair and good parents of all faiths. I created ... More »
Green Mountain
Accepting New Members 1 Member 80228
I am a single mom of a seven year old boy. I want to trade babysitting with other families. Babysitters are expensive, why not help each other. Whether for running errands, date night, or work. More »
Northern Nights Co-op
Accepting New Members 4 Members 80233
Babysitters are so expensive! Why not trade your time with other parents and save some money? Join the Northern Nights Co-op to become part of a growing network of parents coming together to save money and build friendships. More »
Natural Moms of Thornton
Accepting New Members 5 Members 80233
A group of Thornton, CO Mama friends and friends of friends who need some childcare help from each other. More »
Beeler Park Babysitting Co-op
Closed to New Members 1 Member 80238
Welcome to the Beeler Park Babysitting Co-op! A group for Beeler Park families who are interested in the benefits of a localized babysitting co-op. More »

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