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This coop is for parents who wish to travel and want to have a great, reliable family in which to leave their child and vice versa. We do not have any family members close, yet occasionally we hope to be able to go out and stay out late or to go away for a night or a weekend in order to reconnect with our spouse.

If you hope to have the same experiences, and are unsure of where to turn when you need some time away, please consider joining this co-op.

Our family is built around trust, good communication, and fostering an environment of learning and discovery. We prefer organic products and natural remedies to those that are mass marketed. We like to make our own fun and create things we need rather than hire it done whenever possible.
We like to have interesting conversations about current and world events and think of ways we can make our world a better place to live. If this sounds like you, request to join!


We accept members from anywhere in DC! It is important for families to meet in their respective homes and get to know one another's parenting styles prior to babysitting. Let's make it happen!

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Let's get to know each other and figure it out from there whether we are a good fit.

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