Babysitting Coops in US 20011

Mundo Verde Upshur Parents
Accepting New Members 4 Members 20011
This is a co-op meant to help parents of Mundo Verde students living near each other within earshot of Upshur Street be adults once in a while! More »
Petworth Co-op
Accepting New Members 10 Members 20011
Our co-op is made up of families with children who live in Petworth and wish to get to know each other well while providing babysitting services. The co-op is intended to provide easy, guilt-free and no-cost access to babysitters you know and trust. It also provides a great opportunity for ... More »
Petworth Families
Accepting New Members 1 Member 20011
This coop is for parents who wish to travel and want to have a great, reliable family in which to leave their child and vice versa. We do not have any family members close, yet occasionally we hope to be able to go out and stay out late or to ... More »

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