Babysitting Coops in Grand Rapids

Loving Village
Accepting New Members 2 Members 49504
We know it takes a village to raise our littles ones and to have a working social life of our own. We are a group coming together to help and support our growing families. Time to ourselves and with our partners or just some extra hours at work are key ... More »
Seymour MOPs Coop
Accepting New Members 10 Members 49508
A babysitting swap where we can all trade services and have some kid free time! More »
SE Grand Rapids Coop
Accepting New Members 1 Member 49512
It certainly takes a village to make child rearing easier and more fulfilling. As a transplant to Grand Rapids, I find myself at a loss for both people to rely on for quick babysitting as well as get togethers. Looking for moms and dads who would be interested in being ... More »

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