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Raleigh Hills Parenting Coop

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I am interested in starting a childcare coop for families in and around the Raleigh Hills area. We have a very young child (born 5/19/16), and would like to establish some relationships in the community so that we can all help one another. We are a professional, working couple that lives within a half mile of Raleigh Park.


Any family with young children can join the Coop (under 6 years of age) that lives within 3 miles of the Raleigh Hills neighborhood. This is not a substitute for daycare, since we will be utilizing our own daycare service during the work week starting in December. In addition to child care, I think this is a good way to build out a network of other young families in the area.

How to Join

Since this is brand new, initially I think that we should meet in person to determine the suitability of the arrangement. As the group grows, we can have meetings perhaps every other month to add new members if necessary. This will be decided once the group is formed, since I would like other member's opinion on the matter.

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