Babysitting Coops in Portland

Woodstock AP Co-Op
Accepting New Members 2 Members 97206
Looking for other Parents and guardians that are willing to trade baby sitting in the Woodstock Portland Area (and possibly, Sellwood, Brentwood-Darlington, and northern Milwaukie). We want to find similarly minded people who believe in attachment parenting (Dr. Sears) and gentle discipline. I'd want to get to know other ... More »
Brentwood-Darlington Connected Parents & Families
Accepting New Members 2 Members 97206
This is for people in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood (and close-by neighborhoods, as well!) who would like to help each other out by babysitting each others kids between the ages 6m-12 years-old. More »
NE Parents
Accepting New Members 2 Members 97211
We are looking to find other like-minded parents to join our baby-sitting coop. We live in NE Portland in the Concordia neighborhood in a nice, clean, organized home that is smoke and pet free. My daughter is turning 5 in August and we would like to find parents with children ... More »
Deanna's Friends
Accepting New Members 4 Members 97214
Friends of Deanna, Erich, Kyler, and Jesse Simon from Richmond and TRM and around portland. More »
April Farmer
Accepting New Members 1 Member 97214
Hi! We are a family of three loving, happy, and adventurious people. James, the eldest, is an accupuncturist and massage therapist; April fits in the middle as a Biologist soon to be student in a Master in Arts of Teaching program; Silas the youngest, is a babbling joy monger of ... More »
Montavilla coop
Accepting New Members 1 Member 97216
I am the mother of one 2.5 yr old boy, and my husband and I would love to find other parents looking to trade babysitting. Ideally your kids would be close in age, but our son loves playing with kids of all ages so we're open to watching ... More »
Accepting New Members 1 Member 97216
Looking for other families to share in playdates and childcare of infants and toddlers. More »
North Portland Babysitting exchange
Accepting New Members 4 Members 97217
We are North portland parents, exchanging babysitting to support our village and gain some much needed adult time! More »
Maplewood Ward Co-op
Accepting New Members 1 Member 97219
Our Co-op is to meet the childcare needs for the families in our LDS, Maplewood Ward. More »
SW Kid Sit Swap
Accepting New Members 1 Member 97219
A neighborhood group of parents who swap childcare duties as needed and/or for regularly scheduled play dates. More »
Teresa Berlin
Accepting New Members 1 Member 97220
Hi! We have a 10 month old girl named Rachel, Daddy works full time and mommy is home with a flexible schedule. We would love to connect with other families to have play dates and do child care swapping. We live in Parkrose Heights neighborhood just east of 102nd off ... More »
Garden Home Area co-op
Accepting New Members 1 Member 97223
Hello, I'm a working mom who is interested in finding a few families (at least 4) who would be interested in creating a child care co-op. Good childcare is not affordable, so I want to find like-minded parents who want to both reduce their child care costs and also ... More »
Megan Egan
Accepting New Members 1 Member 97223
I am a new mom and RN with a young child born October 2017 and my family is moving to garden home in about a month. Looking for like minded individuals who are still breastfeeding/ using mother's milk that would like to co-op and also have a young baby ... More »
Accepting New Members 2 Members 97224
Friends looking to become family here. Hello we are a young family of 4 (total) looking for trade care(any time we need a breather) and maybe some new friends who want to learn, from and with one another. I have one child in elementary school and a new born. More »
LDS SW Portland Parents
Accepting New Members 3 Members 97225
This group is to meet the needs of the LDS families in the SW Portland/Raleigh Hills Area. More »
Raleigh Hills Parenting Coop
Accepting New Members 1 Member 97225
I am interested in starting a childcare coop for families in and around the Raleigh Hills area. We have a very young child (born 5/19/16), and would like to establish some relationships in the community so that we can all help one another. We are a professional, working ... More »
Mountainview Moms
Accepting New Members 3 Members 97233
I am starting this babysitting co-op as an extention of the Young Mom's Group at Mountainview Christian Church. With many of us needing childcare from time to time, I love the idea of us helping each other out when we can. Please be patient as I learn how this ... More »
SE Family Co-Op
Accepting New Members 5 Members 97266
A babysitting co-op for families in SE Portland. 97214, 97215, 97216, 97202, 97206, 97266 More »

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