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liberti Fairmount Parents' Co-op

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 19121
Members 5
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This co-op is primarily for the use of liberti Fairmount Church members and attenders. However, any other loving families in the area who would like to participate are welcome. This group is for all ages and sizes of families.

We will meet up occasionally through church events, playgroups, etc. to ensure everyone knows each other and their children.


This group is open to anyone with children of babysitting age. This group is being started amongst liberti Fairmount church members in the Brewerytown area, but it is not exclusive to these groups or this part of Philadelphia.

Standards are pretty simple: provide a loving, caring, healthy environment where children can learn and play. Be flexible in sharing childcare during daytime and nighttime hours.

Also, we value relationships and caring for one another, so meeting up occasionally to get to know each other is also important.

How to Join

Sign up for our coop and then attend a get-together (a regular playgroup, church, etc.) to meet other parents involved.

Feel free to send a message through the site to find out about ways to meet other parents.

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