Babysitting Coops in Philadelphia

Center City Parents
Accepting New Members 1 Member 19103
We are interested in meeting other parents in the Center City area, in the hopes of forming a new co-op! More »
liberti Fairmount Parents' Co-op
Accepting New Members 5 Members 19121
This co-op is primarily for the use of liberti Fairmount Church members and attenders. However, any other loving families in the area who would like to participate are welcome. This group is for all ages and sizes of families. We will meet up occasionally through church events, playgroups, etc. to ... More »
Eason/Smoker Childcare Exchange
Closed to New Members 2 Members 19121
To help keep track of our childcare schedule More »
Liberties Babies & Parents
Accepting New Members 11 Members 19123
The Liberties Babies & Parents Coop is a group to share babysitting and childcare among the group on an as needed basis. Families of all ages and areas are welcome to join and use this system. We will meet up occasionally to ensure everyone knows each other and their children. More »
Wynnefield Parents
Accepting New Members 1 Member 19131
I am a stay-at-home mom of three boys (2,6,10) interested in connecting with other parents who want to work together on a rotation that allows for breaks, date nights, etc. I am reaching out to similarly minded parents. More »
West Philly Babysitting Co-op
Accepting New Members 7 Members 19143
This co-op has existed in some form for about 60 years. Designed to help families maintain sanity by relying on babysitting exchanges rather than additional costs for a paid sitter. More »
Newbold Parents
Accepting New Members 1 Member 19145
Coming soon... More »
Liberti Center City
Accepting New Members 9 Members 19147
This co-op is about moms helping moms have a higher quality of life! More »

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