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The future of Southtown

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"The Future of Southtown" is a childcare co-op for kids in the Southtown/Bluestar/King William/Highland Park area of San Antonio.

All ages. The co-op parent leading the sit can determine the number of children he/she feels comfortable with and the age group. Parents of the attending children may also provide feedback as to acceptable ratios for the group the child attends. It is up to the host to decide his/her sit, and up to the attendees to decide whether he/she wants to attend. Each parent can set rules about food and disciplinary actions which should be respected by the sit host.


As long as the parents are respectful of other families' rules and particularities, anyone can join. CPR awareness is highly encouraged by all sit hosts.

All sits should take place in the listed area (unless discussed otherwise, eg a fieldtrip to a park or library).

How to Join

Unless known and vouched for by other community members, a new member must attend a full sit with their child to become acquainted with the co-op.

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