Babysitting Coops in San Antonio

The future of Southtown
Accepting New Members 3 Members 78210
"The Future of Southtown" is a childcare co-op for kids in the Southtown/Bluestar/King William/Highland Park area of San Antonio. All ages. The co-op parent leading the sit can determine the number of children he/she feels comfortable with and the age group. Parents of the attending children ... More »
Air Force Spouses Co-op
Accepting New Members 4 Members 78245
Can't afford services at the CDC? Do you have appointments to go to and no support with child care? Are you a foster parent looking for respite care? Air Force Spouses Co-op is the solution to military family needs. Military families have first priority to membership, however, the co-op ... More »
Sarah Mercer
Accepting New Members 1 Member 78247
I am a SAHM/College student and I am having trouble with my schedule now that I have transferred to UTSA. I am looking for other college going moms to work our schedules around each other if possible so that we may exchange childcare!! More »
Culebra Creek - DATE NIGHT SWAP
Accepting New Members 6 Members 78254
As the name suggests this coop is organized to help make it possible to have date nights without paying an arm and a leg or trying to keep track of who owes who. Also we wanted to keep the group somewhat convenient so at this point we would like to ... More »

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