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Emerson Coop Madison
Accepting New Members 2 Members 53704
Emerson Coop Madison was started by Rebecca Bloedorn in the Emerson Neighborhood. It is open to families in this neighborhood, particularly E. Dayton, E. Mifflin and 1st-4th Streets. We would like to have regular, spontaneous or organized meet ups/community events with low to zero usage requirements. The intent of ... More »
Accepting New Members 2 Members 53705
Couldn't find a westside SA coop, so I'm making my own! :D More »
Closed to New Members 10 Members 53705
We are trading for reliable babysitters to keep our children safe and enjoy time away with no monetary cost. More »
Virtual Village
Accepting New Members 2 Members 53719
I started this group to invite childcare exchange with fellow friends parenting littles in Madison. In the age of uber-connection we have found it is still a bit culturally awkward to suggest sitting for each other even with people we feel close to. We love kids and playdates- why not ... More »

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