Lego Science Experiments: Sink or Swim

If your kids are anything like mine, your house is covered in Legos. My son has been obsessed with Legos since he was a toddler and I’ve got the “agh! was that a Lego buried in the carpet?!” bruises on my feet to prove it. As much as he enjoys following the instructions on sets, he also loves going rogue and building his own Lego creations. One of his favorite things to create is Lego boats – and then test their ability to float in the sink.

So naturally, when our friends at the Legoland Discovery Center sent me this infographic about using LEGO® bricks to create float or sink experiments, I had to share it. It’s a fun, hands-on approach to get kids involved in the scientific process of trial and error using a toy they already love to play with. Brilliant.

LDC float or sink experiments infographic