Babysitting Coops in Jacksonville

San Marco Babysitting Exchange
Accepting New Members 2 Members 32207
Want to go to a movie or out to dinner but can't justify the cost of getting a sitter? Is there an event you would like to attend without having to worry about paying the sitter when you get home? This babysitting co-op is an ideal reciprocal arrangement. We ... More »
Nas jax family coop
Accepting New Members 3 Members 32244
Babysitting coop for military families of Nas Jacksonville. Only open to military families now but possible consideration of non-military families in the future through referral. NS Mayport families welcome as well, however just be aware of the driving distance when considering babysitters/families. The group will periodically meetup at an ... More »
Babysitting co-op JMB Arlington/Kernan
Accepting New Members 1 Member 32246
Friends and family neighborhood coop for Kernan / JMB Arlington Moms. We trade babysitting to give each other a day or night out without all the expense. More »

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