10 Activities to Do with Kids While You’re Babysitting

Babysitting is a lot easier when you’ve got fun activities planned! Here are ten activities that you can adapt to your babysitting needs:

  1. Start the day (or evening) off by passing out pre-made “fun” bags. In the bag you can have many things that you will use during your time together: movies, music, coloring pages, small toys, the materials for crafts and some games.
  2. Games are great and don’t require much preparation. There are the traditional “Simon Says” or “123 Red Light” which are best played outside. As for inside favorites, besides board games there’s the “Do Not Laugh” game. All sit in a semi-circle and make silly faces; the one who laughs last is the winner and should be awarded a small prize. Tried and true “Hide and Seek” is usually very popular, too.
  3. Go to a nearby park or playground. Assuming it’s okay with the parents, taking kids to a playground is a fun and easy way to let them burn off energy. No park nearby? Grab a soccer ball and head out to the backyard for some fresh air.
  4. Crafts are always a wonderful way to spend babysitting hours. For younger children, activities like finger-painting using edible materials such as vanilla yogurt and food coloring are a big hit. Older children will love cutting shapes out of cookie dough and baking their fantasy creations.
  5. Reading aloud is always an option for babysitters and nothing enhances the experience more than if you take blankets and pillows and make a reading tent. If you pop some popcorn that will make the time shared feel even more special.
  6. Speaking of popcorn, watching a movie together can be a tremendously fun experience. Give out “tickets” before the show and collect them at the “door”. Then, turn off the lights and prepare to have a wonderful time in the land of imagination!
  7. Small children love to do things by themselves. Let them “help” you by stirring their own drinks or making their own sandwiches.
  8. Reverse the roles and play pretend. Let the kids “be” the babysitter. Permit them to give you a prepared snack, like fruit roll-ups and a boxed juice.
  9. Put on some music and dance! Download some great music on your iPod and then, like Snoopy and the Peanuts crowd, make merry! Teach them a dance or encourage them to choreograph their own.
  10. Do a puzzle together. Not only will this keep kids busy for a while, it keeps their energy at a controllable level — which makes it a great activity for before bedtime.

Regardless of what you plan to do, check with the parents first and make sure you have their approval. Be sure to be a responsible babysitter so that all have an enjoyable but safe time during activities. Above all, maintain a positive attitude and have fun! Your energy and smile will enhance any activity and make your time with the children you are caring for memorable indeed.

  • Horsegirloregon

    Great! I babysit 3 hrs every day these really helped!!!

  • Missy

    What happends if ur baby sitting Jewish kids what can they do I heard they can’t watch t.v so what can they do ???!

  • Lisa Scott

    not necessarily do kids need t.v to be occupied. try thinking of other activities such as reading a book, playing outside or going on a treasure hunt. FYI- not all jewish kids cant watch t.v. only some be carful what you say online it is not right to make a assumtion like that. just because you might know one family does not mean all jewish people are like that. kids like babysitters who are interactive. they might not like it as much if you just let them sit around watching tv all day. they will get board eventually. i am sure you will do great. gook luck!!

  • sarah

    What are u talking about of course they can ypu cant not watch tv just because they’re jewish please educate yourself they may be jewish and their mother may not let them watch tv but those are two different things

  • LipeJessie143

    This is really helpful

  • Daiton Thorpe

    i new to this so everything is helpful

  • Hayley K

    I am a babysitter and an important tip is have fun make sure the kids ask there parents for u every time!

  • allie

    this was stupid

  • Awsomebabysitter22001

    im new with babysitting my little cuzins will love these things I know they will these are helpfull

  • thedragonflysister

    Here’s a tip for all fellow babysitters: play pretend games! Little kids love to use their imagination, and it’s good for them to do so. Build a “ship” using the couch and chairs in the living room and play pirates! (Kids love it.) Make up goofy stories like “Once there was a purple unicorn named Fred who loved cheese…” Anything goofy will get kids laughing! Make a “Treasure Hunt” using simple drawings as clues. The “treasure” could be a small box with candy, play jewelry, or a joke book in it. Little girls love dress-up. If you’re babysitting a little girl, help her put on one of her favorite dresses, make her a paper crown, and tell her she’s a princess.

    A game I sometimes play with kids is “horses.” You drape a towel over the top of the couch, sit them on it, and tell them it’s their “horse.” They can bounce up and down pretending to ride a horse, just be careful they don’t fall or get hurt.

    Good luck!

  • Nicole Boncic

    These are some great ideas! I babysit these two girls for 8 hours a day, two days a week and was burned out on some ideas to keep them occupied. Thank you!!

  • Alma

    i felt this was not very helpful sorry but kids dont just go outside for fresh air:(

  • fatricia the king

    yes they do #ignorethehaters

  • Megan

    Very true, plus right now there are mosquito`s out!!!

  • Things to do when your bored

    Awesome and very useful list you share. Thanks for sharing.

  • Perla

    what do you do when your baby sitting a 3 yr old a 7 year old and a nine year old? they all want to play differnet things /.

  • Julie

    I baby sit a 3, 7, and 12 year old I found that if you play sports they all get in to it and if you play tag. Another thing I did was the oldest kid and I had an athletic contest and the younger kids were the judge the loved having the power of telling us who kicked the football better anyways good luck

  • rae

    compromise and maybe make up a game with things that they all want to do. if that doesnt work the play each game for a few minutes and then play what the next kid wants to play.

    if you run in to that problem again

  • Bwbenn

    Ask them what they want to do

  • Destiny

    Yha the heck
    you most now nothing about babysting

  • Destiny

    If this is free national.they said I want to jump off a bridge.Would you let them.No kids can think of off the top of their heads. What if they say I want to go to the park what you gonna do then.I think before answering.Just let you know.Me and her were raised from humans not chickens.That flike chocolate on the fries.What is a sad day when you jump out of an airplaneThere’s a lot of things you gotta think about before you say them

  • bbop14

    national? how old are you?

  • Mary and alexis

    We’re are 12 and13

  • J-dog

    You are kinda stupid. The women asked you what to do when the kids want to do something totally diffrent.

  • bbop14

    most now? wow

  • Jenna

    Build A fort! Tons of kids love that and if you pop popcorn to eat under it when you done its even more fun. And you can do tons of things under it, like read, watch a movie, play with dolls or cars. And building it’s half the fun.

  • Kate Phillips

    3 year old- “The floor is lava”, reading fort, coloring book, read aloud, play with balls. 7- Movie, cook. 9- Crafts

  • ellebellyallupinyouheadyes

    yes I agree with allie this was stupid goodby

  • camelia

    those are good ideas

  • makenzie

    great list. also a nature scavenger hunt is a big hit and arts and crafts work for all ages

  • Jillian

    Never play hide and seek with 2-3 year olds…they could run away and “hide” all night your there.

  • Haley

    Being a babysitter of two, they are different ages and its hard to do things they both want to do. The girl is nine and the boy is two. I need ideas that are good for both ages And neither will get bored easily.

  • cece

    this is my first time babysitting for a 8 year old what should I do he likes to play video games and rough house with his dog molly and on hot days he swims in his pool what should I do with him? any sugestions

  • Kate Phillips

    Swim with him, make a reading fort, play “the floor is lava”, play a sport outside, or play with Molly

  • cece

    so like yeah should I play video games with him I love video games but he doesn’t do these things when I’m around him : read, watch t v , play with action figures that’s all I got

  • cece

    great tip dragon fly sister I might use that 🙂 but he might not like it but it will work

  • peanut

    I am a babysitter myself.If the kids r stuck on the tv then maybe bake something or if you have a jar fill it up with a lot of things and have a prize or something and who ever guesses the right or the closest number than they win.

  • Sarah

    Thanks this really helped! I babysit two boys for 8 hours a day, rwice a week for 4 weeks and I was running of ideas :/

  • jade

    This is babysitting 101 you should know this even before you babysit first so this was no help.

  • Desiree

    there is no reason to be rude. Someone who is just starting their babysitting business might not have ideas. So keep your trap shut if you have nothing nice to say.

  • Alisha Hawley

    I have been trying to get into babysitting, but I don’t know how. I thought about making a sheet, but that seems too formal. Any ideas?

  • nicole

    Pass out flyers with your name age price etc. I did it and it works!

  • Kate Phillips

    Start small. Give flyers to your neighbors or friends with hours you’re open, age, and name. Once you’ve gotten more experienced, post the flyers on mailboxes, churches, and playgrounds. Then do grocery stores.

  • carlie

    i baby sit three boys who always love games i chose don’t eat pete it is a fun game for kids of all ages.

  • breanne

    I babysit 7 hours with older kids and they can be snots but this really helped so thanks!!

  • akyia

    thank you

  • Babysitter101

    thanks im thinking of starting a babysitting business this should help 🙂

  • brooke

    wow that was helpful

  • Alibaby2050

    I babysit a 10,12 and 14 yr old the 14 yr old is half death and half blind these girls make my time with them amazing they love to get into my makeup witch i bring every time for them and they put it all over me and themselves its great fun then we usually go for a snack and watch some tv shows they like

  • Shakayla

    The girls I babysit love crafts, usually I bring over a big card board box and we build different things out of it for example last time we made a stable for their horses and finger painted it. We’ve also made bird houses and mixed different cereals as “food” for the birds, and painted it as well. If it’s you’re first time babysitting get to know each other. Write your names on a piece of paper and draw what you like to do then present it to each other. Lastly re-think games, one time the kids and I made a snow man and different assesories and cut them out, then played a game like pin the tail on the donkey but with the different assesories. Hope that helped!

  • katrina and justa

    me and my cosuin babysit and im 13 and shes 14 do u think exersising is a good thing for them to do when you babysit them ??

  • Rylie

    Definitely not! They just want to have fun! If you take them outside to play tag or sports then they can excercise that way. But always do what they want to do because they’ll want you to come over every weekend

  • Lita

    Well I just started to babysit a 5 yr old girl but she isn’t very well behaved she throws things and that hurt but there’s nothing to do that won’t make a mess any ideas

  • cortney.meyers

    I babysit a 3 year old girl. I don’t know what to do.

  • Kate Phillips

    Play “The floor is lava”, make a reading fort, watch a movie, play with balls or their pets

  • mercy

    when i was babysitting i would let them watch their favorite cartoon and eat popcorn and drink chocolate milk or you could color and listen to their favorite song for example abc or miracle round

  • Cat

    I babysit toddlers and a fun thing for them is get a laundry basket and put blankets and toys in it, then set them in it and pull it around the house like a little car.

  • Jenna

    What do you do if babysitting a 3 year old and a 6 month year old? So we can’t do much

  • Babysitterofarambuctiosone!!!!

    if you have any brothers or sisters that may like to help babysit, maybe bring them along. maybe they can to play with the 3 year old, and then you can take
    care of the six month year old, or vice versa. Hope that helps!

  • Sydney

    I had a similar situation and what we did was the older kid and I pretended to be waitresses and the baby was the customer, but instead of walking around you have to put socks on and slide over the floor. We kept “slipping” and dropping the food and had to slid back to her kitchen and making more food as fast as we could. It was actually pretty fun and the baby liked watching us mess up:)

  • katelynn

    what if the kid that your babysitting is being bad and the parent doesnt say what to do

  • Rylie

    You’re the parent when they’re gone, I always use these steps: 1. Give a warning. 2. If they do it again put them in a “noddy chair”, “timeout corner”, “timeout chair”, etc. what ever you can find. Tell them they have to sit there for the amount of time their age is: 5 year olds(5 min), 3 year olds(3 min), etc. 4. After the amount of time is up get on their level and explain to them why they’re in there. Ask for an apology and give them a hug. I they don’t want an apology tell them they sit there until they give you one. 🙂 hope this helped

  • Kaelyn

    I babysit a 5 yr old wbo wants to do everything from play restaurant to having a water fight. If I tell her no to something, she’ll get mad at me and storm away. Her mom said that I am the boss, but she doesn’t seem to listen to that… HELP!!!!! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?

  • Jackie

    Tell her there will be a consequence if she doesn’t listen to you

  • Bre

    i babysit one 9 year old girl, she likes minecraft and usually stays in her room most of the time, her mom wants me to try and get her out of her room, what kind of things can i do that might interest her????

  • adeline

    food always works haha. also try a movie or do hair and makeup together. let her do yours and you do hers. thats always fun!

  • happy

    Since she likes minecraft ask her if she wants to have a real world minecraft game using: pillows,couch cushions,boxes,books,etc. If this doesnt work see if she likes any sports because I’ve babysat a 9 year old girl before who probably has close to the same intrests as she does… i found out she loved volleyball and i taught her how to play,soon there was no such thing as her room when i was over!!

  • sydney

    play a minecraft pretend game outside maybe

  • Ella

    Take her to a pool bre

  • babysittersclub

    I’m new to babysitting and I’ve been passing out flyers but it doesn’t work what do I do?

  • whitney

    you can post something on Facebook or social network saying your available to watch kids. Most parents like to pick babysitters that have little siblings. you could also mention to your parents to tell people at their work or their friends to recommend you .

  • Holly

    I’m babysitting a 8yr. Old, a 6yr. Old and a 2 yr. Old what crafts and activities should I do ??

  • Connor

    I am aswell, what I do is I play games and whatnot
    and than have a movie at bed time

  • damanique

    maybe simon says how ever u spell it

  • Kate Phillips

    For the younger one, maybe a rattle game or something with large balls. For the 6 year old, maybe a “Floor is lava” game or a coloring book, and for the 8 year old, maybe make a reading fort or play a sport outside.

  • Emma

    Does anyone have any good ideas for keeping two quite badly behaved girls aged 10 and 8 busy? Please help!

  • Kate Phillips

    If you were going to watch a movie, make cookies, or play a game in the future, tell them they are not allowed to until they behave, or threaten to call the parents.

  • nala

    Show them that you’re the boss. Timeout works if they get out of hand. one minute for every year of their age… it especially works if she has to watch her sister have fun with you while she is in timeout… set rules… but dont be too strict

  • bbop14

    What if I am new to babysitting? She is a 6 yr old girl and doesn’t like sitting still I have to babysit her for 6 hours what do I do?

  • Kate Phillips

    Play “the floor is lava”, play a sport outside, play hide n seek, or make a reading fort

  • bacon lover

    what other thing can you put in the “fun bag” for a three year old and nine year old

  • Kate Phillips

    Maybe crayons and a coloring book, toys big enough so the children will not choke, balls and rubber toys, a couple books, items to create a scavenger hunt around the house, (If they have pets) Toys for pets, and maybe small makeup

  • damanique


  • I love kids

    I babysit my 8 yr old sister and she loves to play “fashion show”. She pretends that she is a movie star, and I take pictures of her in all her favorite outfits. I think that kids around that age can usually think of things to do themselves, but they sometimes want to be played with. Little kids are harder. You really have to keep them entertained. I plan a lot of hings to do because they have short attention spans. I play with kids and they are always excited to see me.

  • Veronica

    Nothing…. I mean nothing is useful for my 8 year old daughter and she’s gonna be 9 soon and she’s just soooooo bored and I can’t find ANYTHING useful on here!!

  • kayla

    when im babysitting the 3 year olds love to play games but my younger brother whos 11 gets them loud and is always being obnoxious and I cant calm him down. what do I do? he says he doesn’t have to listen to me and continues to be obnoxious!

  • Sycernd

    Poop on the ground and eat it. It will make the children laugh and be happy.

  • buterfly

    wow this is perfect!

  • Mary and Alexis

    I’m letting our little girl pretend she’s the baby sitter xD

  • cam


  • Lily

    what about if your babysitting a six year old, for year old, two year old, and a baby?

  • Destinee

    I have to babysit from 8:40 am to 5:30 everyday and that’s 9 hours, all summer. The ages are 5,6 and 8 and 8. The older ones love matching games and board games and cards but the younger ones lose focus so easily. It’s hard to try to play something that each of them like. Unless I have like 4 things out for them to do. Im scared I’m going to run out of things to do with them. Therefor, if your babysitting kids old enough to run around they love the app video star.
    Any advice?

  • Jordyn

    I babysit a 1 and 4 year old. I have to carry the 1 year old everywhere while the 4 year old darts around the house and if I set the 1 year old down she crawls away. Any activity or game suggestions?

  • Nala

    See if the family has a smallish stroller that you could have inside. The four year old will love to help push! you can go on a magical treasure hunt or something

  • Maddy

    Baby sitting to crazy boys. What should I do?!?

  • fogarty.e

    what if they fight about every single thing you do?

  • dd

    im babysitting an 11 and 9 year old ????? they’re too big for those games

  • Kels

    I babysit a nine yr old and a five yr old. They do not get along! What do I do?

  • ney

    Im babby sitting five 3 year olds and i have no idea what to do

  • celeste grubbs

    try a 18 month old a 2 year old and a 4 year old!

  • Rylee

    This is very helpful. It really works.
    Thank you!

  • Katie

    I’m a new babysitter. What should I do to make it a fun day? And have the boys ask for me evry time?

  • Katie

    I’m a new babysitter. What should I do to keep the boys happy? I mean their like 2 and 5. So what are some fun activities to do? And how do I get them to ask their mom for me to babysit again??

  • Katie

    I need some advice please.

  • Katie

    I’m a new babysitter. What do you do when you’re babysitting a 2and a 5 year old? And have them ask for me every time? Please give me some advice.☺

  • Sarah Bell

    well I’m going to start babysitting 3 kids and I am gunna spend a bit of my own money to make so fairy cakes with the kids or even crispy cakes…play with there toys…play some games like hide and seek or eye spy…you can also ask them to help you with making there dinner just simply make a sandwich …or if you just don’t want to do anything and u want a chilled day all u need to say to them is whoever stays seated and stays quiet for the longest wins and your sorted for the night hahaha

  • Desiree

    what do you do when your babysitting a 3 year old and a 9 year old?? one with ADHD??

  • annie

    actually one with ADHD isn’t that different they are normal and I know they don’t like to be judged ADHD is simple a very intelligent kid who can get distracted easily if they don’t like what they are doing I talked with an ADHD specialist and they said ADHDS are very smart so don’t treat them differently give them a little more attention ADHD stands for attention defecate hyper active disorder no big deal just be nice

  • mattea

    on friday i am babbysitting a 5 year old boy and a 8 year old girl her parents are going out on a date night its my first time i need ideas on what to do??????

  • megan

    I babysit a 2 year old for 8 hours 4 days a week. its really hard to keep her occupied and there is barely anything at her house. they don’t even have a yard to play in. what should I do?

  • Katy

    I’m babysitting a 1, 8, and 4 year old for 11 hours. Any ideas on activities I can do that involve the baby without boring the other kids

  • Alexsis

    what games do you play when it is almost 11pm and your watching a 7 year old boy and a 4 year old girl, but they want to stay up all night till there parent gets back………..

  • Alexa

    If the parents set a bedtime, put them to bed! no excuses! play a bedtime game or otherwise put them to bed. they probably shouldn’t stay up that late.

  • Emyli

    I have to babysit a 1 year old, a four year old and an 8 year old. It is my first time, what do i do?

  • Jordan

    The one year old needs the most attention, but if they are having a nap or sleeping you should put a baby monitor in their room (they probably have one) and take it with you everywhere. If they are awake, put tables or baby gates around the house to keep them from running and getting lost.
    The four year old and eight year old can do the same games or same things (tag, forts, etc). If the baby is awake, and you can’t think of anything, play house/parents and have them take care of the baby as well as any dolls or toys.

  • Jocelyn

    I’m about to babysit a 7 year old and 11 year old. I’m only 13, how do let the 11 year old that I’m in charge? I’ve babysat them before and I’ve often been told “You’re not my mother”, and I would pull the age card except it never works! Also, how do I entertain them both? Children who are 6 years apart play different games…

  • Hailey Wrigley

    I babysit 5 kids. They are all girls but one boy. Some run off in their rooms and some just don’t do anything. What’s a good activity that we can all play together so that way they end up having fun?

  • alexandera

    This might actually work!!!!

  • Taylor

    What if your babysitting kids 1, 6, 9 years old?

  • katie

    what are some crafts that i could do with two 8 yr old’s, that aren’t messy.

  • cookiclicker _master456

    this helped me alot iam 13 years old and i babysit a 2 year old and a 3 year old and it was tough until i found this page adn i was amazed all the tips worked

  • Ryen Henderson

    I am about to babysit two kids and one of them is only 3 years older than me. How can I make it not as awkward and make myself have more authority over them?

  • mewborn

    I am babysitting my 8 year old stepbrother, and my stempst says pretend I’m just a babysitter. He likes to talk back, so I must get used to that. He loves crafts, so should I find some easy to-do craft ideas that we can do with jousehoho supplies? This isn’t my first time, but I’m not feeling good. Babysitting with a cold isn’t a good idea, but our parents work. Help?

  • kate

    im babysitting for a 7 year old boy soon and im not sure what to do with him! Considering im a girl, i dont have much expirence of what little boys like to do for fun! any ideas?

  • Sophie Parker

    He probably has some of his own toys he enjoys to play with, so ask him if he has any of those. If he doesn’t seem to have any, or doesn’t wanna play with them, try hide and seek or other games like that.

  • TKD fanatic

    I have not babysat yet but i nine year old has recently told me er mother wants me to be her baby sitter and i told her grandmother i was ok with that. This nine year old has lots of energy, and i was wondering what is a good way to get them ready for bed if i ever do babysit her near bed time?

  • Sophie Parker

    It’s a great idea to do a puzzle, like the article said, but if the child doesn’t want to do a puzzle try watching favorite movie, especially one they’ve watched before. This is because if you watch a new movie, it will be harder for them to go to sleep.

  • Ashtyn Forsyth

    Would it be a good idea to take a 5 year old to the pool?

  • Chloe

    What if you’re babysitting an “out-of-control” child? Especially a younger one? What should I do to help them settle down? Should I offer rewards, or give punishments? My kid is just NOT INTERESTED in these games! What about ideas/games for mean children? (Not “mean-mean” but kids with a shorter attention span)

  • Chloe

    What if you’re babysitting an “out-of-control” child? Especially a younger one? What should I do to help them settle down? Should I offer rewards, or give punishments? My kid is just NOT INTERESTED in these games! What about ideas/games for mean/rude children? (Not “mean-mean” but kids with a shorter attention span)

  • ughh

    ughh USELESS

  • Hail

    I am babysitting a 9yr boy and a 4yr old girl they want to play different things if I play with them one on one the other one gets mad or upset they can’t go outside so there is not a lot of games to play

  • mya

    I’m 12 and I can’t find anything I enjoy on here. I have to do everything my sibling want. I’m so bored doing the same thing every time. There’s nothing to do on here. (nothing that I like anyway)